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Elisabeth Constantin
Kaydee James
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We are a women-owned Executive Agency and Search Firm with over 20 years of experience across executive Recruiting, Headhunting, HR, Compensation, and Negotiation.



We provide U.S. executives with concierge support during high-stakes job transitions.

As agents, we do the heavy lifting behind the scenes: setting and diversifying clients' search strategy, directly pitching them to headhunters, C-Suite and board executives, and supporting them with resumes, compensation, and negotiation support towards deal closure.

As a talent search firm, we operate across the U.S. with relationships running deep in Silicon Valley, the East Coast, and major executive hubs across the U.S. South and Midwest.


Sectors include Tech, Finance, HR, Product Marketing, Procurement, Logistics, OPS, Communications. Sectors continuously evolving. Industry-agnostic.

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